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Autism Acceptance Month

*For those who had been following me, I have relaunched my blog to reflect how my out look is now, my old blog hadn’t been used for a year*


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Some of you may know its autism awareness month currently, but that sucks because awareness is more for something that is scary and dangerous. Nope, I’m a person who’s autistic, not something scary.
The reason why it was originally called awareness month and now the autistic community has adapted the name is because Autism Speaks started it with their ‘Light it up blue’ campaign which really sucks for anyone who likes blue. Autism Speaks you see, is an organisation who is there for scared parents who believe their child is broken and they stole and branded a name that suggests that they are a voice for autistic people by autistic people which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Autism Speaks is a horrendous organisation that masquerades as a charity. They promote ‘therapy’ that tries to erase autistic traits that annoy or anger parents who wonder where their ‘normal child’ is. They post videos about how some parents want to kill their autistic child and how they are a burden because their child cries when they force them to stop stimming or just want an item that would comfort them. They have destroyed the symbol of a jigsaw piece, which like my husband says, is a very nice flippin shape but have now linked it forever for the search of a cure, a fix as we are broken. They use language which tries to frame autism as a disease, an add-on or remover of ‘normal’ traits. This is called person first language, which is stupid because I’m autistic, my brain is different and there is no fixing that.

Luckily I live in the UK where this organisation isn’t so prevalent but there are still some people and other groups who have this mind set, so if there is one thing you take away from this mini-rant of mine, check the charity before you donate to it. Here are some good things to look for if you want to help autistic people:

  • Is the charity or group autistic or mainly autistic ran? or parents of autistic people or no one connected at all?
  • Who is their written output aimed at? Autistic people? or parents?
  • What is the aim of the group? Funding for aids for autistic people? or cures and ‘therapies’?
  • Person first lanuage or autism/identity first language?
  • What does the autistic community at large think of it?

Often the better groups and charities are run by autistic people for autistic people. Here are some good charities and groups: (unfortunatly I can’t find any for the UK, as most have been found out doing bad things recently)

Here are some links to information on nasty autistic groups and bad practices: <This one was very interesting and saddening for me as it is a thing that was suggested to my parents a lot and is still recommended and celebrated in the US far too much.

Please, accept autistic people, you know we’re here!


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